Each area of the UK had a local development agency. These agencies are government funded, and were responsible for the promotion, regeneration and growth of their area.

Their activities were managed by a series of projects – where a project may be an advertising campaign for local services, renewal and improvement of a local area, setting up training schemes etc.

Each agency ran its own projects and programs, and they were all subject to the same rules and regulations laid down by the Government.

However, each agency had been running its projects and programs differently, using different approaches, software and reporting mechanisms. Government regulations were changing, and a new methodology for running these development projects was being introduced (the “Single Program”), and as all these agencies were facing the same changes – they decided to investigate selecting a common platform for project management, and leveraging their collective purchasing power to minimize the costs of the purchase and tailoring a common platform by splitting costs between themselves.

They went through formal tendering and selection processes, and Portfolio Director by Artemis International was chosen as their common platform.

amjec was selected to head up and manage a national trialling and testing of a national pilot scheme. This was based in the North West Development Agency’s offices in Warrington, and involved representatives of all levels (such as senior management, program and project managers and administration staff) of the following agencies:

We set up a dedicated work room, with plenty of workstations and the Portfolio Director client, and a test installation of the Portfolio Director server software.

Staff from all the agencies above would come to the Warrington – several agencies at a time – and we would work with them, individually at times, at other times as a group, to help these people:

  • understand their current business processes
  • envisage how these processes would need to change with the introduction of the Single Programme
  • model these changed processes
  • map these processes into the Portfolio Director processing
  • conduct a gap analysis between how they intended to work under the Single Programe, and how Portfolio Director met these requirements
  • determine whether these gaps represented areas where business or system processes would need changing
  • collate a central set of documentation of gaps so each agency was aware of the issues and problems others were considering, and determine the impact of these on themselves