London Development Agency

A very varied role, tasked with implementing a large and varied system.

The first phase was the analysis, testing and implementation of a Project Management application (Portfolio Director (PD) from Artemis), including the customisation of the product by specifying product extensions, the ongoing maintenance, and the testing and implementation of two major upgrades from the vendor.

We were also solely responsible for the analysis, development, testing and implementation of an interface between the LDA finance system and PD. This interface was responsible for importing over 2 billion pounds of tax payer money on a daily basis.

We were also responsible for over 90% of the analysis, development and testing of an in house performance management / reporting system.

This reporting mechanism used SQL Server as a database, and we were responsible for the development of the stored procedures, tables and views that generated and provided the reporting data.

We were solely responsible for the analysis, development and testing of an overnight interface that tied the whole project together. This overnight interface would backup all the important databases, run the finance interfaces, and refresh and regenerate the production and development performance management / reporting systems.